WILD Art exhibition

MIRA Marysville 11 Murchison Street, Marysville

This exhibition, by drawing attention to and celebrating that which is wild, takes viewers on a powerful visual journey which highlights the need for us all to act to preserve and cherish the beauty, magnificence and at times, fragility of that which is wild.

Some artists have chosen to celebrate those wild creatures that inhabit our planet with us. Others have focused on the wildness of unfettered landscapes, on the complexities and magnificence of the landscape in a range of settings and dramatic compositions. The wildness of the weather and sky, the sea and waterways has also provided a rich source of inspiration “Wild” has also been interpreted by some as extending to people and their “Wild” abandonment to music, dance and living and celebrating the enrichment to our lives bought by another form of “wildness”.

This exhibition focuses on a sense of capturing and celebrating, while pushing boundaries with these artists’ mediums and styles, the vitality and awe of the "Wild”.

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