Welcome to Taungurung country

We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we visit and live. We acknowledge Murrindindi Shire is on Taungurung Country and respect and celebrate the history and living culture of the Taungurung and their unique role in the life of this region.

Taungurung people are the first people of the rivers, valleys and mountains across Taungurung country which covers much of Central Victoria including Murrindindi Shire.

The story of European settlement of Marysville & Surrounds begins with the opening of the Yarra Track which provided a short cut to the rich Jordan Goldfields. Early explorers endured incredible hardships to achieve their goals. John Steavenson and his wife Mary left their names to mark their involvement and interest in the area.
Other pioneer families who left their indelible print on the village of Marysville include Bartons, Keppels and Learys. Their names also greet visitors – still remembered nearly 150 years later. They believed in this remote village and worked to see it develop.
Timber cutters soon realised the potential in the great forests. Paling cutters provided light timber for Victorian homes and later large Timber Mills continued to provide timber and timber products until recent years. Our giant trees were known as the ‘Tallest Trees in the British Empire’.
Soon visitors passing through the area to the goldfields realised that here was beauty to be enjoyed in its own right. Small guesthouses began and by the 1920s great guesthouses were being built. Marysville became one of the Honeymoon destinations for many couples. Later generations enjoyed attending conferences here and staying at B&Bs.
Such tourists enjoyed visiting the mills, going horseriding, walking to the numerous beauty spots. Waterfalls, ferns, sparkling streams attracted and entranced all visitors. They wanted to keep a memento of their holiday and so developed a surge in Souvenir Ware. Many of these pieces have been returned to the Historical Society.Recording memories through art and photography have led to the wonderful gallery that is an important part of a display at the Society. Photography old and new is displayed.  
The environment is part of the attraction of the area. Numerous waterfalls are scattered through the forest: bushwalkers head off along the trails, cyclists, trail bikers, skiers all find the things they enjoy and never cease to be gratified by what they discover.Along with the natural attractions, businesses have developed to capture the interest of visitors and locals alike. Parks and gardens provide further relaxation.  
7 February 2009, all changed. Marysville and surrounds had another story to tell. Fire destroyed our towns. RENEWAL, REBIRTH, RECOVERY – another version of the old three Rs.Within the Historical Society the recovery has been encouraged by the generosity of people from around the world, not only Australians, who knew and loved the area. We are here and the story will still be told. In 2013, Marysville was proud to celebrate its 150th Anniversary.


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