Marysville Forest Trails

Name:Marysville Lake Mountain Visitor Information Centre
Phone:03 5963 4567


Marysville’s special character owes much to the closeness of the state forest, and the Steavenson and Taggerty Rivers meandering through the surrounding mountains. The Marysville Forest Trails offer a variety of experiences from gentle half hour strolls to full day hikes. The trails take visitors throughout the beautiful landscape surrounding the town, with some trails catering to cyclists and horse riders. Walkers can begin all of the trails at the Visitor Information Centre, or drive to each trailhead. Unique trail emblems make each of the Marysville Forest Trails easy to follow.

The Marysville Forest Trails include iconic Steavenson Falls, Beauty Spot, Gilberts Gully, Tree Fern Gully, Michaeldene, Wilks Creek and Keppel Lookout.

For further information on each of these trails pop into the Information Centre in Marysville to collect a trail map.

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