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  1. Marysville Church Opening

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    Over the past year the Anglican Church in Marysville, a parish of the Diocese of Wangaratta, has had built a new church building. This is to be consecrated by the Bishop of Wangaratta, the Right Reverend John Parkes, AM.

    Anglican Church in Marysville
    Saturday 18th November at 11.00am
    All welcome

  2. Wild Flower Wilderness at Lake Mountain

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    Lake Mountain was hit by wildfires in February 2009, leaving most of the plateau severely devastated and burnt by the intensity of the fire. However, the plateau experienced a natural phenomenon and the regeneration has been a wonder to watch in the years since. From a blackened landscape, to regrowth of all descriptions, Lake Mountain is well on the way to recovering from the effects of the 2009 bushfires.

    The first

    signs of life were the ferns which showed green shoots within weeks, but the real delight came after the first Spring as the snow melted to reveal a carpet of tiny seedlings appeared. Soon to follow were the first of the Snow Gums, Alpine Ash and the Wattles, all within a couple of months.  Mixed in with them were a myriad of other seedlings and reshoots.

    Now eight years later the Spring and Summer wildflower display is well worth a visit.  Over 90 species have been identified since the fires so the recovery has been spectacular.  No matter what time you visit over the Spring and Summer you will find something in flower to admire.

    Starting in late September, the Wattles and Wax flowers are usually the first to put on a display followed closely by the Lake Mountain Grevillea which is only found on Lake Mountain making it quite special!  As October arrives a progression of Hovea, Bush-peas, Mints, Trigger plants, Billy buttons begins a constantly changing spread of colour as well there are a variety of orchids throughout the Summer.

    One of the best places to see the display is the Echo Flat heathlands and alpine bogs which are easily accessed along Echo Flat ski trail which leaves from the resort.  In less than a kilometer you will arrive at the open heathland with the Upper Taggerty River meandering through it.  As you come closer to the river and into the wetter areas the flora changes markedly, with the Callistemon along the river banks being one of the more spectacular when it is in flower.

    For walkers, as well as the ski trails and the walk to Keppel’s Hut, the mountain now also has a day walk from the resort over the Summit, Snowy Hill, Mt. Arnold all the way to the Entry Station on the Marysville Road.  A distance of 12 km takes you from the sub alpine environment, to Alpine Ash forest and pockets of rainforest, both of which survived the fires. The trail was built as a shared path for mountain bikes and walkers and is working well as such.  It connects a number of pre-existing tracks, and the Strategic Firebreak constructed after 2009 to protect Melbourne’s water catchments in case of future fires.  A detailed topological map can be downloaded from the Lake Mountain website or hard copies are available at the resort.

    The unusual regenerating landscape at Lake Mountain is the result of the way the two eucalypts which dominate at this altitude regenerate; the Alpine Ash and Snow Gum.  The Alpine Ash needs a fire to regenerate, the parent tree being killed by the fire, but the seedling regrowth is prolific and currently the battle for survival is on. Thousands of crowded seedlings are now over 5m high in places yet only 30cm apart!  Likewise, the Snow Gums have many new seedlings as well as the basal regrowth from the lignotubers.  Both regenerating forests are left with thousands of silver trunks above the abundant regrowth, a haunting yet beautiful landscape.

    Further details about Spring time at Lake Mountain, walking trails or guided Wild Flower Tours, visit the Lake Mountain website or call the team at Lake Mountain.

    5957 7201

    If you would like more details or to organize a guided trip for your own group contact:


  3. 9 Reasons why we LOVE the Marysville Region!

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    Since reaching an amazing 9000 likes on our Visit Marysville Facebook page, we thought we would share with you 9 reasons why we love our little region!

    1. Steavenson Falls

    One of the most iconic scenic stops in Marysville, the towering Stevenson Falls are a picture of the beauty of the Marysville Region! At a towering 84 metres, you can enjoy the sights from bottom to top, with views extending past the beautiful falls too!

    1. Skiing in winter

    Skiing? 2 hours from Melbourne? YES! Lake Mountain Alpine Resort is the closest and most accessible alpine resort to Melbourne, and is home to 37km of world class cross country ski trails!

    1. Bruno’s Sculpture Garden

    Bruno’s Sculpture Garden is artwork at its finest! Bruno has crafted a garden full of sculptural surprises that will leave you mesmerised by the fantastic craftsmanship that has gone into all the sculptures!

    1. Marysville Walking Trails

    There is nothing better than going for a walk and getting in touch with the beautiful landscape that surrounds us, and there are plenty of walking trails around the Marysville Region for you to immerse yourself in nature! With each trail unique in its own right taking you deep into the forest, you’ll come out feeling refreshed and relaxed after admiring the wonder of our beautiful landscape!

    1. Wildlife

    There aren’t too many places around where you could wake up with animals on your doorstep, share lunch with a flock of parrots, or have to give way to a group of ducks crossing the road (often)! Our little furry and fluffy friends love being out and about the town, and make the area home just like the rest of us!

    1. Bathing in the cool rivers

    On those hot summer days when you feel nothing is going cool you down, there is nothing better than putting your feet in a cool flowing river! Our region is home to the Steavenson Rvier, Taggerty River, Acheron River and the Little Steavenson River, which all flow into the wondrous ‘Meeting of the Waters’ making the ideal place to sit down and ‘chill out’.

    1. Fantastic accommodation and food

    Everyone has the opportunity to experience their own littler slice of the Marysville region, with so many AWARD WINNING accommodation providers in the area that specialise in giving you the perfect place for a getaway. There is a variety of accommodation for everyone, even the dog! And don’t think you’ll be going hungry, with delectable food seeming to be around every corner. Try some freshly caught salmon, a delicious food fire pizza, or a platter with a view that will satisfy any appetite!

    1. The Community!

    The Marysville community is one of the best! Full of history, amazing businesses and not to mention the incredible people that live here! You can’t leave here without falling in love with the area!

    1. Activities Galore!

    Whether it be bush walking, mountain biking, four wheel driving, fishing, camping, Bruno’s,  rocking climbing, skiing, horse riding, photography, chasing waterfalls, browsing local produce, tasting fine wine, playing golf, attending festivals or just going for a drive among the beautiful scenery, there’s something for everyone!

  4. Winter at Lake Mountain!

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    Another winter season has come around to Lake Mountain again, and everything is pointing towards a bumper season up the mountain in 2017. The success of the opening weekend for 2017 is only a taste of what is to come in the 2017 Winter Season at Lake Mountain Alpine Resort.

    To help you plan a fun day or weekend out in the snow, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top attractions available this Winter!

    Top things to do this Snow Season!

    Get the kids into Lake Mountain’s Fischer Nordic Fun Park– the safe environment and expert instructors at the Fischer Fun Park create the perfect place for the introduction to cross-country skiing for young and old. Looking for a bit of extra help? Sign up for a private lesson with a expert instructor to improve your skills even further!

    Try something new at the Burton Riglet Park! Exclusively for those between the ages of 3 – 6 years, the Riglet Park offers a great way to introduce your littlies to the world of snowboarding, with one on one instruction on the basics that could build a snowboarding champion!

    Toboggan!! The ever popular tradition in the snow at Lake Mountain Alpine Resort, you won’t be disappointed in the fun that can be had flying down the slopes! The Village Toboggan Run is guaranteed to have a cover of man-made snow all season long too!

    Enjoy a warming Hot Chocolate from the on-mountain Cafe. Providing an array of delicious food and drinks, you won’t be leaving with a rumbling tummy when you look at the many different hot and cold options in the Café!

    Take a ride on the Dual 240m Flying Fox! Make the excitement of snow even more exciting, by flying over all the action on the slopes on the awesome Flying Fox! With tickets available on mountain, it’s a fantastic way to see the mountain from a different angle, or try your hand at something off slope.

    Slide down the Tube Run and feel the thrill of the sweeping berms. Yet another fantastic alternate activity for everyone, you’ll be sure to get your blood pumping and heart racing as you fly down the exhilarating 100 metre long dry slope Tube Run.

    Interested in having a bit of down time? Build a snowman in the Snowman’s Village, or practice your throwing by rolling a snowball and picking a target!

    The walk up to the Summit Lookout is one of the more beautiful walks on the mountain when under snow. Take a break from the slopes and enjoy the amazing views overlooking the Acheron Valley.


    The events calendar is looking very full of Ski races over the winter season, and it all kicks off with the Lake Mountain Sprint X on Saturday the 24th of June! Be sure to come up and see all the (hilarious) action on the day, with a race theme of ‘World Leaders’ sure to see some interesting characters take part in the races!


    Keep up to date with everything that is happening at Lake Mountain on their website,, or get social and keep your eyes on the Lake Mountain Facebook page over the winter season.