Upcoming Exhibitions and Events


Bev Aisbett

February 13 – March 9, 2021

Artist, cartoonist, illustrator, author and counsellor, Bev Aisbett is best known for her self-help books in her unique cartoon format for sufferers of anxiety and depression.

Bev began her career as a cartoonist and illustrator in the major press with her strip Animal Revenge in the Sunday Herald magazine. This was followed by regular illustrations for Terry Lane’s column in the Sunday Age, cartoons in the Bulletin and Woman’s Day and strips in New Woman and New Weekly magazines at their inception, as well as illustrating numerous educational, health and corporate texts.

Over the last 20 years, the focus of her creative work has largely centred on painting, with her images proving popular for their mythical, dream-like themes, whilst reflecting the inner journey of her work as a counsellor.

Bev made a tree change and moved to Alexandra in January 2018 where she has continued with her writing and her love of painting and has regularly exhibited locally, including her major solo show Heartfelt at Rennies of Acheron in January 2021.

When: Febuary 13 – March 9, 2021
Closing Event: 2pm Saturday 6th March
Where: MIRA Marysville, 11 Murchison Street.
Cost: Free



Fluid Lines & Leaf Magic

Ivan Filsell & Cecilia Sharpley

March 13 – April 28, 2021

The fluid lines and simple themes of Ivan’s linocuts each tell a story of the landscape, the farm or a destination.
This is complimented by Cecilia’s Leaf Magic which brings out the colour and unique images hidden within the eucalyptus leaves, which are cooked and printed on water colour paper.


When: March 13 – April 28, 2021
Opening Event: 2pm Saturday 13 March
Where: MIRA Marysville, 11 Murchison Street.
Cost: Free



Romney & Quinn

Antiquate & Zetta Kanta

April 2 – April 8, 2021

Local Upholstery Artist Kerri Hollingsworth is once again collaborating with award-winning Fibre Artist, Zetta Kanta, on a new furniture design project focused on luxe eco-fibres.
The pair will apply their unique skill sets and years of mastery to venture into an unknown territory of Upholstery Art. In documentary style instalments, Kerri and Zetta will reupholster two modern lounge chairs using eco-dyed materials.
Using Romney sheep wool and cotton ropes together with dried eucalyptus leaves – to extract the natural colour – they’ll create masterpieces not yet done at such scale.
They’ll be sharing the artistic process including the triumphs and lessons (something most artists keep private) online throughout the project, and celebrating the completion with a creative immersion exhibition at MiRa



When: April 2 – April 8 2021
Where: MIRA Marysville
Cost: Free